North Pole

The Arctic Ocean is one of the most beautiful and challenging wilderness environments on earth.

By joining one of our two weeks Last Degree expeditions to the North Pole you will experience, the incredible blue beauty of the dynamic, moving, living frozen ocean. This is a challenging and physical expedition, requiring a true spirit of adventure.

Accessing the Arctic Ocean out of Svalbard you will fly up to the floating ice camp Barneo with one of our world-class Polar guides and from there spend approximately a week skiing to the North Pole before being picked up by helicopter and returned to Barneo to celebrate.

A completely unique expedition experience.

Trip Information


The cost of a North Pole expedition is completely dependent on seasonal variables and can vary enormously from trip to trip, but as a very rough ballpark figure just to give you an idea you would probably be looking at somewhere in the region of kr325,000 per person for the last degree expedition.

Fitness Required

Fit. You’ll need to be able to trek for 5 hours a day, sledge across vast terrain and survive -30°C temperatures

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