Greenland South - North by Kite

Greenland South - North by kite offers a fantastic opportunity for kite expedition with the long distance and stable winds we plan to take advantage of these traveling from  Narsaq in the South to Qaanaaq in the North a distance of 2400km,  The expedition has been completed by a number of teams and at different speeds.

We aim to start at seas level in the South of Greenland and Finish at sea level in the North of Greenland, this means the start of the expedition will be physical challenging to move all the gear up the glacier, and this could take a few trips back and fourth. For the Finnish, the same could apply as we need to make our own way down some challenging terrain to reach the sea again

Trip Information
Greenland Expedition Season
Start date: May 2015 (To be set but sometime in the first week of May)End date: mid to late June depending on the speed of travel Programmed days: 45 (The Expedition will carry 40 days and aim to finish somewhere between 32 - 38 days
Price: 195,000 NOK We reserve the right to revise our prices in the event of significant changes in the price of aviation kerosene and aircraft charter rates
Skills Required
You’ll need to be able to trek for 7 hours a day, sledge across vast terrain and live in -30°C temperatures
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Greenland South-North Expedition