South Pole

Antarctica is the biggest wilderness on earth and still the least visited of all the continents. In the last 100 years since Antarctic exploration began still only around 350 people have ever made the overland journey from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. With Expeditions365 you can progress from partaking in one of our Polar Expedition Training Courses to undertaking a full South Pole Expedition on Antarctica.

Coast to Pole

If time is not an issue and you are looking for the ultimate polar challenge then perhaps the ultimate challenge of skiing from the coast to the Pole is for you. This 50 day South Pole expedition will see you skiing from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole hauling everything you need to survive behind you in a sled. This expedition requires a significant commitment physically, emotionally and financially, but the rewards of that commitment are huge. This is a journey that will change you forever. 


Last Degree

In an approximate three week time period you can fly from southern Chile to the Antarctic base camp at Union Glacier and from there up to 89 degrees south. The following 7-10 days are spent skiing across the remote and high polar plateau, 60 nautical miles to the Geographic South Pole. This is a challenging expedition in one of the remotest places on earth.

Trip Information
Antarctic Expedition Season
October to January The cost of a South Pole expedition is completely dependent on the details and the route and can vary enormously from trip to trip, but as a very rough ballpark figure just to give you an idea you would probably be looking at somewhere in the region of kr500,000 per person for the last degree and kr600,000 per person for a coast to pole expedition
Fitness Required
You’ll need to be able to trek for 7 hours a day, sledge across vast terrain and live in -30°C temperatures
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2014 Carl Alvey guided me to become the youngest ever person to ski the full 700 miles from the  Antarctic coast to the South poleOn the South Pole expedition Carl and I spent 7 weeks,  just the two of us, in one of the most hostile places on earth.  I had only just turned 16 years old and Carl was like a big brother to me.  I trusted him completely and he needed to trust me as well, our survival depended on that trust.   Those 7 weeks with Carl on the ice were, without a doubt, the best experience of my life so far. In summary, Carl is brilliant – he’s good company, pragmatic, a problem solver, safe, calm, funny and completely unflappable.  I feel privileged to have achieved my world record with Carl by my side and cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone, of any age, considering an expedition of a lifetime on the white cold stuff. 
Lewis Clarke