Polar Training course

The purpose of the Polar Expedition Training Course is to prepare individuals for participation in a polar expedition such as skiing long distance or last degree to the South or the North Pole or crossing the Greenland Icecap.

This course combines classroom-style sessions, discussion forums, practical field skills and a remote mini expedition on the Hardangervidda Plateau.

The course is run by Carl Alvey an experienced Antarctic and Greenland guide 

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South Pole

Antarctica is the biggest wilderness on earth and still the least visited of all the continents. In the last 100 years since Antarctic exploration began still only around 350 people have ever made the overland journey from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole. With Expeditions365 you can progress from partaking in one of our Polar Training Courses to undertaking a full-on Antarctic expedition.


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Greenland is the most magnificent icecap in the world outside of the two polar icecaps and it also has the distinct advantage of being a much more affordable destination than either Antarctica or the Arctic. For this reason, it is often a popular choice for people wanting to undertake their first major polar style expedition.

The Greenland icecap provides a vast and beautiful landscape in which to set your project, whether it be a crossing with kites or dogs or a full on man-hauling ski trip.

We at Expeditions365 have extensive experience guiding on Greenland with all these modes of transport and will be happy to work with you to create a bespoke experience that’s just right for you.


North Pole

The Arctic Ocean is one of the most beautiful and challenging wilderness environments on earth.

By joining one of our two week Last Degree expeditions to the North Pole you will experience, the incredible blue beauty of the dynamic, moving, living frozen ocean. This is a challenging and physical expedition, requiring a true spirit of adventure.

Accessing the Arctic Ocean out of Svalbard you will fly up to the floating ice camp Barneo with one of our world-class Polar guides and from there spend approximately a week skiing to the North Pole before being picked up by helicopter and returned to Barneo to celebrate.

A completely unique expedition experience.

 Greenland South - North by Kite

Greenland offers a fantastic opportunity for kite expedition with the long distance and stable winds we plan to take advantage of these traveling from Narsaq in the South to Qaanaaq in the North a distance of 2400km, The expedition has been completed by a number of teams and at different speeds.

We aim to start at seas level in the South of Greenland and Finish at sea level in the North of Greenland, this means the start of the expedition will be physical challenging to move all the gear up the glacier, and this could take a few trips back and fourth. For the Finnish, the same could apply as we need to make our own way down some challenging terrain to reach the sea again

Expedition Consultancy

The Expeditions 365 team has over 20 years of collective experience organising, guiding and managing remote winter environment expeditions.  Whatever your expedition goals are, we can help you make them a reality. Whether it is simply giving some advice or sourcing logistics or providing a full expedition management service, we have the knowledge, we have the contacts, we have the solutions.

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