Polar Expedition Training Course Norway

Haugastøl, Norway

The purpose of the Polar Expedition Training Course is to prepare individuals for participation in a polar expedition such as skiing long distance or last degree to the South or North Pole or crossing the Greenland Icecap.

The two-week course combines classroom-style sessions, discussion forums, practical field skills and a remote mini expedition on the Hardangervidda Plateau.

The course is run by Carl Alvey a highly experienced and successful Greenland and Antarctic guide. And will be supported by one other guide with either Greenland or Antarctic experience.

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Haugastøl Norway
2rd February – 16th February 2020
37,500Kr Per Person
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Expedition365’s Polar Training Course was a fantastically informative and intensive program. It gave two winter rookies, who didn’t even know how to ski, the knowledge and experience to later cross the Greenland Icecap. The mixture of theory and practical based learning gave us the best chance to learn, adapt and remember important lessons needed for polar travel. Carl was an incredible guide who assessed our abilities and tailored the program to suit. He made sure we were challenged and could provide his own invaluable polar experience to situations. The entire team at Haugastol were absolutely lovely and warming. It was by far the best in knowing  what awaited you for dinner and dessert after a long day on the ice!

Josh Lyon, www.4caps.kiwi